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Omni Channels

創作年份 2018年

作品媒材 Video Installation




The idea for Omni Channels originated during a collaboration between Huang Hsin-Chien and a dancer friend in 2012. While testing ways to incorporate wireless CCTV equipment into the dance, Huang accidentally received the CCTV footage of the building, which led to the realization that we are surrounded by “omnipresent” CCTVs. Huang started capturing images that were transmitted wirelessly and scattered around the city. Using full-frequency scanners and laptops, Huang gathered the images throughout the city, and once signals of wireless CCTVs are detected, the computer program automatically starts recording 3-5 second footage. In the end, approximately 500 segments of footage were collected.

CCTV footage is different from film or television in that they are not made with the intention of being “viewed.” CCTVs are like “omnipresent peeking,” and the footage exists solely for the purpose of documenting incidents that occurred in the city at certain times and locations. Regardless of whether someone has “viewed” the footage, they repeat the actions of documenting and deleting while being transformed into wireless signals that are then transmitted.

Huang encrypted the footage and used the computer program to select and layer the footage randomly. Without being viewed by “humans,” the computer program produces images that are like the statistical mean. These ambiguous movements and forms vaguely represent scenes of human beings, cars, and streets, but their blurriness exempts them from being identified as specific objects and can only become obscure identifications and generalities, resulting in homogenized imageries of our contemporary city.

創作年份 2021年
作品媒材 Video Installation