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YUN-KUNG sculpture series

創作年份 2021年

作品媒材 不鏽鋼 stainless steel

1961年,尤里.加加林(Yuri Gagarin)搭乘東方一號太空船起飛,完成世界上首次載人宇宙飛行,成為史上第一名太空人。這是人類歷史上的重要事件,代表人類正式涉足宇宙空間。1969年,尼爾.阿姆斯壯(Neil Alden Armstrong)成為了首位踏上月球的太空人。在之後的年代中,「太空人」被賦予如科技先驅、未知世界的探索者、遙遠的烏托邦開拓者等諸多想像。

在黃心健的作品中,「太空人」似乎暗喻著從肉身到意識的過渡形態。如2018年,黃心建與蘿瑞.安德森(Laurie Anderson)合作的《登月》VR作品中,觀眾便以太空人的視角出發,探索月球背面,並獲得質數構成的軀體。而在2021年的作品《輪迴》中,他更使用太空人作為其主要視覺。故事中,人類乘坐太空船遠離地球,在宇宙中尋求新的家園並幻化為新的生命。


In 1961, Yuri Gagarin embarked into space on the Vostok 1 spaceship, completing the groundbreaking space journey and becoming the first astronaut in space. This monumental incident represents human’s first incident of stepping into space. In 1969, Neil Alden Armstrong became the first astronaut on the moon, and in the years that followed, the word “astronaut” came to represent technological pioneers, explorers of the world of the unknown, and pathfinders of faraway Utopia.

In the work of Huang Hsin-Chien, the word “astronaut” seems to allude to the intermediary state between corporeality and consciousness. For instance, Huang’s 2018 VR work To the Moon, a collaboration with Laurie Anderson, guides viewers to explore the dark side of the moon from the perspective of an astronaut and to gain a new body that is composed of prime numbers. In his 2021 work Samsara, Huang places the astronaut at the center of the visual. In the story, human beings board a spaceship and leave the earth, searching for a new homeland and birthing new life in the universe.

The Yun-Kung Sculpture Series was created in 2021 and consists of Wu-Se, Wu-Shou, Wu-Hsing, and Wu-Shih. “Yun-Kung” refers to the five Skandhas from the Heart Sutra, namely form, sensations, perceptions, mental activities, and consciousness. In Wu-Se and Wu-Hsing, the artist incorporates the Buddhist imagery of zazen (sitting in meditation) and the reclining Buddha, with no one inside. The postures of the Buddha statue represent spiritualization, but the human body is absent. Technology seems to promise us Utopia, but without “humans,” the most important component, technology remains a mere tool and is no different from a “space suit” that is not worn.

創作年份 2021年
作品媒材 不鏽鋼 stainless steel