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創作年份 2020年

作品媒材 3D列印,Lucite包埋





“What kind of sculpture or structure can only be created with 3D printing and no other methods?” This was the question Huang asked when contemplating the current production technology. Just as the emergence of photography impacted the development of painting, the development of art is intimately connected with the emergence of new technology. The work Bloodlines was created amid this thought context.

Huang started creating the Bloodlines series in 2019. Incorporating digital scanning and 3D printing techniques, Huang used 3D scanning to process the faces of two people who are related by blood. The scanned images underwent a software calculation to detect and connect the places where the faces show the same skin tone.

In the past, sculptures were made with the hammering and chiseling of the hands. Huang believes sculptures of today can be numeralized, as documentation of the numerical value of space enables the grasp of form. Through calculations of numerical value, differences between forms can be compared and connected, which is finally shaped through a 3D printer, resulting in physical forms created through spatial coordinates determined according to calculation results.

From a micro perspective, the legacy of life lies in the information embedded in the spiral structures of the DNA, which are prolonged and preserved through blood relations. In the works of Huang, blood relations are translated into an informational structure that inspires further contemplation on life and memory.

創作年份 2020年
作品媒材 3D列印,Lucite包埋